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Privacy Policy

Privacy And Personal Data

DZ Bootcamp maintains this website and controls the data that is collected through it. Protecting your private information is our priority.

We collect two types of data: personal data and non-personal data. Personal data identifies you as a natural person, and non-personal data cannot be connected to your real identity. We reserve every right to use non-personal data for any reason and to the full extent permitted by law.

We will never sell data that identifies you as a natural person to third parties. Most of your personal data is collected when you fill out forms, when being photographed or video recorded in the gym, or when you create an account or otherwise provide information by participating in our programs. We only use your data to:

  1. provide services to you;
  2. provide products to you when requested; and
  3. to help us facilitate an event in which you are participating; and
  4. for our own marketing purposes.

Video and Images

Member agrees and allows DZ BootCamp to take PICTURES and VIDEOS of member while training at DZ BootCamp. Photographs and video are for the purpose of setting and maintaining a coaching plan or motivating others on social media and other physical or digital platforms.

DZ BootCamp may use images or video of member for any lawful purpose including but not limited to publicity, illustration, advertising, social media, or web content.

Health and Injury Release

Member agrees that by signing up and participating in DZ BootCamp activities, member will assume ALL responsibility and risk of any possibility for personal damage, injury or death and waive, release, and hold harmless DZ BootCamp, DZ BootCamp’s employees and assigns.

Member agrees that to your knowledge you have no limiting physical condition or disability that would preclude an exercise program and agrees to consult your physician before you participate in any DZ BootCamp classes, programs, or activities.

I agree before embarking on a training or nutrition plan I will speak with my doctor and make sure I am cleared to participate at DZ Bootcamp.

I agree to list all any medical conditions before participating in a workout.

I agree and that by undertaking in a program comprised of weights, number of repetitions and sets, running, jogging, cycling, jumping, lifting, pulling, boxing and using any type of equipment, machinery or apparatus shall be the members(my) sole risk.

I agree that these risks I will be undertaking are the results of my voluntary desire to improve my current level of training and fitness and I am releasing all rights to sue from injury and damages or bring any type of claims against DZ Bootcamp.

I cannot and will not hold any member of DZ BOOTCAMP for damages, injuries and health (virus i.e. COVID -19) as the result of this agreement.

I agree and understand that the members of DZ BOOTCAMP are not doctors, nor are they licensed dietitians, and I release and waive my liability and responsibility of my nutrition from DZ BOOTCAMP.

I hereby release DZ Bootcamp and it’s owners and employees from any and all Liability for any damage and injuries which may be received while exercising or use any piece of equipment. Member agrees and accepts full reasonability if they choose to participate in a open gym(not supervised or and a coach is not present).

Any questions about use of your data privacy or this privacy policy may be directed to don.z@dzbootcamp.com.