Six Week Fitness Challenge.
Winner Receives $500 in Cash!

Only $499 for 6 Weeks

Life is a fast lane.

Your body is chang­ing every day, and not all these changes are for the good. Nature’s way since the begin­ning of time. Speak­ing phys­i­cal­ly, every live being is a bat­tle­field between life and entropy. But there’s always a rem­e­dy. We just need to choose the right side.

Here, you are at the right one: a DZ Boot­camp, the weight-loss facil­i­ty in Stream­wood, IL. Unlike most places, we help make fit­ness a lifestyle and not have an expi­ra­tion date on it, and there is no way bet­ter way of gain­ing that momen­tum than a chal­lenge.

Here at DZ Boot­camp, we offer a six-week chal­lenge that puts you in a posi­tion to help devel­op the right habits and lose bad ones. We know that it is hard to com­pete if your only com­peti­tor is the floor scale. It is way bet­ter if you com­pete with peo­ple like you.

Any­one could lose body fat and gain mus­cle, but keep­ing it is a whole dif­fer­ent ball game.

Can you lose 30 pounds? Of course, you can, but that’s not the goal here, the goal is to make sure a bet­ter ver­sion of you comes to fruition after six the weeks.

Numbers aren’t goals. You are.

There are approx­i­mate­ly 22,075,000 sec­onds in a life­time. So the time is always “now”. Always stay hun­gry in life.

Don Zor­bas, the Diet Guru, own­er of DZ Boot­camp

2020 Challenge Schedule

Win­ter Chal­lenge: Jan­u­ary, 20th — Feb­ru­ary, 29th [ COMPLETED ]
Spring Chal­lenge: April, 13th — May, 23th [ COMPLETED ]
Sum­mer Chal­lenge: July, 13th — August 24th [ COMPLETED ]
Fall Chal­lenge: Octo­ber, 12th — Novem­ber, 21th

Real People, Proven Results

We’ve Got You Covered

  • A famous Trainer­ize® app-based train­ing process.
  • Three new train­ing ses­sions by mas­ter coach Don Zor­bas
  • Recipe Guide (to be used dur­ing the chal­lenge).
  • Meal Plan to fol­low each week.
  • Con­ve­nient Gro­cery List to shop easy.
  • Macronu­tri­ent break­down.
  • Goal set­ting sheets.
  • Keto mea­sure­ment work­sheet.
  • A brand­ed DZ T‑Shirt
  • 24/7 per­son­al sup­port from Don “The Diet Guru” Zor­bas.
  • Pri­vate Face­book sup­port group access.
  • Unlim­it­ed work­outs.
  • Friend­ly, judge­ment-free atmos­phere.
spots remains
Days to the next chal­lenge
for six weeks!

Reserve your spot online via Trainer­ize, or use the form below, or call Don Zor­bas at (630) 660‑2804. The dif­fer­ence will be notice­able. It is proven.