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Lean Meal Plan Subscription
Food Delivery Subscription

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Order the whole week of the delicious, healthy, prepared food right here, at DZ BootCamp! Our new  service is fast, reliable, and simple:

  • The order deadline is Wednesday for Monday gym delivery.
  • Meals are made fresh for Monday to Friday. If you are planning on eating past Friday, please freeze the meals.
  • You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. No minimum contract, no commitment.

A nutrient-dense meal plan that includes lean protein and vegetables loaded with fiber and antioxidants. It will help to shred fat and build lean muscle. The program also includes superfoods such as quinoa, pink Himalayan salt, and Greek yogurt.

Food Delivery Subscription

The Lean Meal Weekly Plan

Please Contact a DZ Associate Before Placing a Meal Order

Call (630) 660‑2804 or send us an an email. We’re here to help!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Cheesy Spinach and Onion Omelet: an omelet stuffed with Greek yogurt, feta cheese, sautéed onions, garlic, and spinach.

Calories: 304 C 7g F 15g P 25g sodium 184mg sugars 3g

Italiano Piccata: a healthy twist on an Italian classic! Chicken simmered in lemon juice, garlic, chicken stock, and capers. Served with tomato-basil jasmine rice and grilled zucchini.
Calories: 362 C 27g F 14g P 31g sodium 374mg sugars 2g
The Maui Waui: BBQ Grilled chicken tenderloin, topped with grilled pineapple, sautéed red onions, and topped with mozzarella cheese. Served with broccoli–cheddar nuggets.
Calories: 308 C 20g F 12g P 29g sodium 261mg sugars 7g
Tuesday The Tapsilog Hand trimmed steak marinated and braised with vinegar, honey, and liquid aminos. Served with garlic confeit sauteed jasmine white rice, onion & tomato egg scramble, and pickled vegetables.
Calories: 412 C: 28g F 22g P 23g. Sodium 136mg. Sugar 6g
Steak Chimichurri: Steak marinated with espresso & red wine vinegar then grilled to perfection. Served with sweet potato-carrot mash and broccoli. Topped with Chimichurri sauce, chives, and sesame seed.
Calories: 453 C 3 8g F 15g P 27g sodium 149mg sugars 11g.
Fiesta Bowl: Cilantro-lime marinated chicken, served over sautéed bell peppers, onions, spinach, and black beans. Topped with salsa roja and queso fresco. Greek yogurt on the side.
Calories: 326 C 100 F 15g P 25g sodium 240mg sugars 40g.
Wednesday Chorizo Breakfast Hash: an egg scramble with sautéed turkey chorizo, sweet potato, green bell pepper, and red onion. Topped with queso fresco.
Calories: 391 C 20g F 18g P 27 Sodium 401mg Sugars 7g
The Cowboy’s Lunch: Chipotle and honey-lime marinated chicken served over roasted sweet potato, bell pepper, red onions, and black beans. Topped with queso fresco.
Calories: 492 C 53g F 19g P 30g sodium 161 sugars 12g
Summer WYA Dinner: a BBQ roasted chicken quarter served with grilled corn on the cob and asparagus sautéed with lemon juice, garlic, and parmesan cheese.
Calories: 240 C 19g F 15g P 24g sodium 302mg sugars 8g
Thursday The Clout: a fluffy cloud made from egg whites, topped with turkey bacon, sautéed onions, spinach, and cheese.
Calories: 256 C 10g F 13g P 24g Sodium 456mg Sugars 3g.
Summer WYA Bowl: Pulled BBQ chicken, served with Cajun sautéed sweet potatoes, red onions, and broccoli.
Calories: 390 C 32g F 18g P 24g sodium 152mg sugars 8g.
Chicken Pot Pie: a healthy twist on an American Classic. Crustless, topped with mashed garlic and parmesan cauliflower.
Calories: 342 C 12g F 25g P 25 sodium 198mg sugars 5g.
Friday Blueberry Pancakes: fresh blueberries and coconut flakes. Fluffy, filling, and Satisfying. Served with date syrup.
Calories: 353 C 38g F 14g P 11g sodium 256mg Sugars 17g.
Korean BBQ Meatballs: One of our signature dishes; sweet, sour, spicy, and salty! A healthy and unique twist on meatballs, made with Korean spices, lean turkey, and quinoa. Served with a quinoa stir fry –
onions, green bell pepper, and baby corn.
Calories: 427 C 41g F 18g P 32g sodium 197mg sugars 10g.
Turkey Meatloaf Dinner: an American classic, nutrient packed with quinoa! Served over tomato-garlic zucchini noodles and topped with mushroom gravy.
Calories: 291 C 25g F 13g P 34g sodium 157 sugars 8g.
Saturday Double Chocolate Walnut Pancakes: nutrient-packed pancake with dark chocolate cocoa, dark chocolate chips, walnuts, and quinoa. Served with date syrup.
Calories: 376 C 46g F 11g P 13g Sodium 340mg Sugars 14g.
Bolognese and Garlic-Parmesan Cakes: Bolognese made with lean turkey and served over crispy garlic-parmesan quinoa cakes.
Calories: 458 C 29g F 19g P 31g Sodium 295mg Sugars 3g.
Turkey and Lentil Chili: A healthy twist on a hearty classic. Sweet, spicy, and smokey! Served over zucchini noodles and topped with low fat cheddar.
Calories: 310 C23g F 13g P 25g Sodium 118mg Sugars 8g.
Sunday El Curran Cubano: Inspired by local MMA legend, Pat Curran. Onions and tomatoes slowly cooked with scrambled eggs. Served with cilantro-lime white rice and black beans. Topped with coconut oil fried plantains.
Calories: 456 C 36g F 18g P 26g Sodium 314mg sugars 8g.
The Moroccan Rockin’: Moroccan seasoned ground turkey served with citrus Israeli couscous and baked broccoli.
Calories: 352 C 26g F 15g P 28g Sodium 205mg Sugars 1g.
The Tandoori:
Calories: 337 C 24 F17g P 30g Sodium 136mg Sugars 6g.

Please Contact a DZ Associate Before Placing a Meal Order

Call (630) 660‑2804 or send us an an email. We’re here to help!

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You don’t have to leave your favorite gym! Whether it be body fat loss or building lean muscle tissue Don will guide you through the necessary steps to make sure your goal is attained. Don Zorbas’ Online Coaching Package includes:

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