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DZ Boot­camp has teamed up with high-end food ser­vice to serve you better.
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Lean Meal Plan Subscription
Food Delivery Subscription

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Order the whole week of the deli­cious, healthy, pre­pared food right here, at DZ Boot­Camp! Our new  ser­vice is fast, reli­able, and simple:

  • The order dead­line is Wednes­day for Mon­day gym delivery.
  • Meals are made fresh for Mon­day to Fri­day. If you are plan­ning on eat­ing past Fri­day, please freeze the meals.
  • You can sub­scribe and unsub­scribe at any time. No min­i­mum con­tract, no commitment.

A nutri­ent-dense meal plan that includes lean pro­tein and veg­eta­bles loaded with fiber and antiox­i­dants. It will help to shred fat and build lean mus­cle. The pro­gram also includes super­foods such as quinoa, pink Himalayan salt, and Greek yogurt.

Food Delivery Subscription

The Lean Meal Weekly Plan

Please Contact a DZ Associate Before Placing a Meal Order

Call (630) 660‑2804 or send us an an email. We’re here to help!

Break­fast Lunch Din­ner
Mon­day Cheesy Spinach and Onion Omelet: an omelet stuffed with Greek yogurt, feta cheese, sautéed onions, gar­lic, and spinach.

Calo­ries: 304 C 7g F 15g P 25g sodi­um 184mg sug­ars 3g

Ital­iano Pic­ca­ta: a healthy twist on an Ital­ian clas­sic! Chick­en sim­mered in lemon juice, gar­lic, chick­en stock, and capers. Served with toma­to-basil jas­mine rice and grilled zucchini.
Calo­ries: 362 C 27g F 14g P 31g sodi­um 374mg sug­ars 2g
The Maui Waui: BBQ Grilled chick­en ten­der­loin, topped with grilled pineap­ple, sautéed red onions, and topped with moz­zarel­la cheese. Served with broccoli–cheddar nuggets.
Calo­ries: 308 C 20g F 12g P 29g sodi­um 261mg sug­ars 7g
Tues­day The Tap­silog Hand trimmed steak mar­i­nat­ed and braised with vine­gar, hon­ey, and liq­uid aminos. Served with gar­lic con­feit sauteed jas­mine white rice, onion & toma­to egg scram­ble, and pick­led vegetables.
Calo­ries: 412 C: 28g F 22g P 23g. Sodi­um 136mg. Sug­ar 6g
Steak Chimichur­ri: Steak mar­i­nat­ed with espres­so & red wine vine­gar then grilled to per­fec­tion. Served with sweet pota­to-car­rot mash and broc­coli. Topped with Chimichur­ri sauce, chives, and sesame seed.
Calo­ries: 453 C 3 8g F 15g P 27g sodi­um 149mg sug­ars 11g.
Fies­ta Bowl: Cilantro-lime mar­i­nat­ed chick­en, served over sautéed bell pep­pers, onions, spinach, and black beans. Topped with sal­sa roja and que­so fres­co. Greek yogurt on the side.
Calo­ries: 326 C 100 F 15g P 25g sodi­um 240mg sug­ars 40g.
Wednes­day Chori­zo Break­fast Hash: an egg scram­ble with sautéed turkey chori­zo, sweet pota­to, green bell pep­per, and red onion. Topped with que­so fresco.
Calo­ries: 391 C 20g F 18g P 27 Sodi­um 401mg Sug­ars 7g
The Cow­boy’s Lunch: Chipo­tle and hon­ey-lime mar­i­nat­ed chick­en served over roast­ed sweet pota­to, bell pep­per, red onions, and black beans. Topped with que­so fresco.
Calo­ries: 492 C 53g F 19g P 30g sodi­um 161 sug­ars 12g
Sum­mer WYA Din­ner: a BBQ roast­ed chick­en quar­ter served with grilled corn on the cob and aspara­gus sautéed with lemon juice, gar­lic, and parme­san cheese.
Calo­ries: 240 C 19g F 15g P 24g sodi­um 302mg sug­ars 8g
Thurs­day The Clout: a fluffy cloud made from egg whites, topped with turkey bacon, sautéed onions, spinach, and cheese.
Calo­ries: 256 C 10g F 13g P 24g Sodi­um 456mg Sug­ars 3g.
Sum­mer WYA Bowl: Pulled BBQ chick­en, served with Cajun sautéed sweet pota­toes, red onions, and broccoli.
Calo­ries: 390 C 32g F 18g P 24g sodi­um 152mg sug­ars 8g.
Chick­en Pot Pie: a healthy twist on an Amer­i­can Clas­sic. Crust­less, topped with mashed gar­lic and parme­san cauliflower.
Calo­ries: 342 C 12g F 25g P 25 sodi­um 198mg sug­ars 5g.
Fri­day Blue­ber­ry Pan­cakes: fresh blue­ber­ries and coconut flakes. Fluffy, fill­ing, and Sat­is­fy­ing. Served with date syrup.
Calo­ries: 353 C 38g F 14g P 11g sodi­um 256mg Sug­ars 17g.
Kore­an BBQ Meat­balls: One of our sig­na­ture dish­es; sweet, sour, spicy, and salty! A healthy and unique twist on meat­balls, made with Kore­an spices, lean turkey, and quinoa. Served with a quinoa stir fry –
onions, green bell pep­per, and baby corn.
Calo­ries: 427 C 41g F 18g P 32g sodi­um 197mg sug­ars 10g.
Turkey Meat­loaf Din­ner: an Amer­i­can clas­sic, nutri­ent packed with quinoa! Served over toma­to-gar­lic zuc­chi­ni noo­dles and topped with mush­room gravy.
Calo­ries: 291 C 25g F 13g P 34g sodi­um 157 sug­ars 8g.
Sat­ur­day Dou­ble Choco­late Wal­nut Pan­cakes: nutri­ent-packed pan­cake with dark choco­late cocoa, dark choco­late chips, wal­nuts, and quinoa. Served with date syrup.
Calo­ries: 376 C 46g F 11g P 13g Sodi­um 340mg Sug­ars 14g.
Bolog­nese and Gar­lic-Parme­san Cakes: Bolog­nese made with lean turkey and served over crispy gar­lic-parme­san quinoa cakes.
Calo­ries: 458 C 29g F 19g P 31g Sodi­um 295mg Sug­ars 3g.
Turkey and Lentil Chili: A healthy twist on a hearty clas­sic. Sweet, spicy, and smokey! Served over zuc­chi­ni noo­dles and topped with low fat cheddar.
Calo­ries: 310 C23g F 13g P 25g Sodi­um 118mg Sug­ars 8g.
Sun­day El Cur­ran Cubano: Inspired by local MMA leg­end, Pat Cur­ran. Onions and toma­toes slow­ly cooked with scram­bled eggs. Served with cilantro-lime white rice and black beans. Topped with coconut oil fried plantains.
Calo­ries: 456 C 36g F 18g P 26g Sodi­um 314mg sug­ars 8g.
The Moroc­can Rockin’: Moroc­can sea­soned ground turkey served with cit­rus Israeli cous­cous and baked broccoli.
Calo­ries: 352 C 26g F 15g P 28g Sodi­um 205mg Sug­ars 1g.
The Tan­doori:
Calo­ries: 337 C 24 F17g P 30g Sodi­um 136mg Sug­ars 6g.

Please Contact a DZ Associate Before Placing a Meal Order

Call (630) 660‑2804 or send us an an email. We’re here to help!

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No-Contract Online Nutrition Coaching
by Don Zorbas

Virtual Fitness Program and Meal Plan: A Real Body Transformation

Did you know when it comes to body fat loss and ton­ing your mus­cles, it’s 95% diet? Kind of makes sense, right. You attend the gym five days a week to grind, sweat buck­ets, but when you look in the mir­ror and hop on the scale, noth­ing changes.

Chances are it’s your eat­ing. Unlike work­ing out eat­ing, eat­ing to lose body fat is very complicated.

For instance, just because some­thing is healthy does­n’t mean it’s opti­mal for fat loss. Or one of the biggest mis­con­cep­tions all calo­ries are equal.

With a detailed nutri­tion pro­gram catered towards the indi­vid­ual, this ser­vice will help facil­i­tate your ulti­mate fit­ness goal.

If you’re already work­ing out con­sis­tent­ly, that’s half the bat­tle, don’t wait. Let’s tack­le the nutri­tion togeth­er and cre­ate the best ver­sion of you!

Napoleon Hill said it best: “Life is like a chess game, and time is your oppo­nent, and if you don’t move, you’ll be crushed.”

Online Nutrition Coaching Plans

Pow­ered by Trainer­ize® — more than 100,000 instal­la­tions. Alter­na­tive­ly, you are wel­come to use email, Skype, Zoom, and even phone calls. You man­age the sub­scrip­tion in your Trainer­ize app, renew or can­cel anytime.

4 Week Plan
Cus­tom Work­out And Meal Plan

A high­ly effi­cient, indi­vid­u­al­ized, 4‑week Vir­tu­al work­out and meal plan. Great for those who wants to break the flat line on their fit­ness expe­ri­ence but do not want to sub­scribe for a month-to-month plan.

  • Pow­ered by Trainer­ize® — more than 100,000 installations
  • 1 four week cus­tomized vir­tu­al train­ing plan with detailed videos
  • 1 Phone / Zoom app consultation
  • 4 Check-ins
  • Week­ly newsletter
  • Free Recipe Book
  • No lock-in contract

Online Coach­ing Package
Cus­tom Work­out And Meal Plan

You don’t have to leave your favorite gym! Whether it be body fat loss or build­ing lean mus­cle tis­sue Don will guide you through the nec­es­sary steps to make sure your goal is attained. Don Zor­bas’ Online Coach­ing Pack­age includes:

  • Indi­vid­u­al­ized work­out plans with detailed videos
  • Indi­vid­u­al­ized nutri­tion plans
  • Fit­Bit® inte­gra­tion and support
  • MyFit­ness­Pal® inte­gra­tion and support
  • Sup­ple­ment tutelage
  • Account­abil­i­ty
  • In-app check-in‘s and work out on your own time
  • Unlim­it­ed check-ins and support
  • Unlim­it­ed changes based on progress
  • A pri­vate Face­book group membership
  • Free Recipe Book
  • No lock-in contract