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Is Water That Powerful?

Don Zorbas explains the water consumption.
Is Water That Powerful?

Water. That trans­par­ent, taste­less, odor­less and col­or­less liq­uid that cov­ers most of the plan­et Earth. The very thing that our bod­ies are made of. We bath in it. Swim in it. And of course, we love to drink it. You’ve heard it a thou­sand times water is very good for you. But how good is it real­ly? Of all the mis­con­cep­tions on health, water is at the top.

Sta­tis­tics tell us that most Amer­i­cans are dehy­drat­ed 75% of the time and don’t know it.

By under­stand­ing water and its ben­e­fits, it can do won­ders for you.

Here are some point­ers that will help you under­stand how vital water can be if you drink it on a con­sis­tent basis.

  • Thirst does not equal dehy­dra­tion, and this means there is an excel­lent solu­tion for your thirst — drink water.
  • Your urine does­n’t have to be trans­par­ent to let you know you’re drink­ing much water. Many vari­ables impact the col­or of your urine.
  • Nev­er drink too much water, also known as “free water” a liq­uid that does­n’t con­tain any elec­trolytes or oth­er solutes in it increas­es the plas­ma in the blood and decreas­es your sodi­um. Be mind­ful of this when you’re drink­ing much water.
  • The more water you drink, the less your body will hold. i.e., you will look leaner.
  • We know to drink when we’re thirsty. How­ev­er, most don’t real­ize we should drink when we’re HUNGRY. Many times we mis­take thirst for hunger. The next time you think you’re hun­gry, drink a tall glass of cold water and wait 15 min­utes and see if you feel hun­gry. If you are, EAT.
  • Make sure to drink water while you work­out. This increas­es blood vol­ume and reduces the stress on your heart. As a gen­er­al rule drink 20 ounces of water before a work­out and at least 15 ounces every 15 min­utes while you exercise.
  • Remem­ber that when you increase your water intake in the begin­ning, you will make fre­quent stops to the restroom. This is a good sign to let you know your kid­neys are work­ing steadi­ly. After a week of the high water intake, the hor­mones in your sys­tem will bal­ance to meet the flu­id intake. How­ev­er, remem­ber if you miss a day or two of the high water intake, your body will switch its hor­mones and return to square one.

It is real­ly sim­ple. Drink, drink, and drink! You’ll notice a dif­fer­ence and feel bet­ter. Give it a time. Remem­ber, Rome was­n’t build in a day.

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To deter­mine how much water you should drink, take your scale weight lbs and x by.75. This will give you the num­ber of flu­ids in ounces.