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Alcohol Drinks That Won’t Make You Fat!

No one’s perfect. Even the angelic ones! Being human allows us to be fallible. We all have a dark side. Sometimes we have a “go to” that’s too ritualized in our society. Whether it be junk food, soda, or even stalking (joking), there’s always something. Today our topic will be a drink, and when I say drink, I mean the big A. ALCOHOL.


Let the unpacking begin. Trying to be healthy and fit, one should not even think of alcohol, right? Well in a perfect world I would say yes, but since we don’t reside in a perfect world, the answer will be no, and the good news is you could still consume the right type of alcohols and maintain a low body fat level, preserve your muscle mass and remain healthy. 

Having a drink in moderation can also help steer you away from the bad that comes with too much of the wrong alcohol. If you want to avoid negative effects like fat gain, muscle loss, lethargy and sleep disruption, focus on beverages that are lower in sugar, contain clear alcohol, and have minimal calories. 

Not to mention who wouldn’t want to have a drink when they attend a party, go on vacation, or even at a business meeting. You never know when you sit across from your boss, and he’s taking shots of Jack Daniels, and you’re sipping on your water, it might be looked down upon. Or even if you go a date. Do you really wanna be the dude that drinks diet soda while the gal chugs a beer down? Good luck getting a second date. 

But there‘s a caveat, not all alcohol drinks are created equal. And the same applies to those drinks that say “zero carbohydrates.” That’s why it’s not just about reading the nutrition facts, but it’s also just as important to read the ingredients. The goal is to consume a drink that allows you to enjoy the benefits of alcohol and won’t impede your fitness journey. 

It’s not just about cosmetics; remember, when consuming a significant amount of drinks, your liver and your body are working in overtime. Which has a serious effect on your central nervous system. 

Let’s process the science. As alcohol enters the system, the body works hard to remove it. For instance, if one is trying to lose body fat and then they begin to consume the wrong alcohol, the body diverts all its energy from eroding body fat to focusing on creating new enzymes to help remove the alcohol from the body. So the fat burning takes a break.

The other problem you’ve run into when you consume the wrong alcohol it directly attacks your “type two muscle fibers” which is responsible for building lean muscle tissue. Type one is more for endurance, where type two is for strength. As you can see, consuming too much and the wrong alcohol can have a tremendous setback on your fitness goals. 

Speaking of the morning after, pay attention to how your body feels the next day in other words, if you can barely stand, it’s a good barometer of letting you know you went too far. 

Here are some drinks I would suggest to stick to. 

  1. Stick to a distilled drink, like Vodka. If it’s distilled, a lot of the impurities have been plucked out of it. The more pure the alcohol the better it is. In other words, straight liquor like whiskey, rum, and tequila is the way to go. 
  2. Light beer: Only 100 cal in 5 g of carbs of most light beers. Stick to one type of drink. Whether it be vodka or beer make sure it’s one you stick to. 
  3. Red wine: 5 ounces of red wine is about 120 calories. It also has a higher alcohol content than light beer. 
  4. Finally: Not so much a drink, but a very important tip. If you know you’re going to drink, make sure to cut your carbs and fats to offset a caloric surplus that night. 

So remember, these are your best options. Just make sure to do it in moderation. Can the best choices of alcohol still cause a hangover? Maybe. No sweat; here are some tips to combat a bad hangover. 

As far as exercise, working out on a hangover is a no no. One of the best things to do is to take a day off from the gym if you’re feeling like crap

What about foods to help battle a hangover? You’re in luck because I put together a small list for you. 

Most of these selections of foods are based on raising your Glutathione and magnesium, which plays an important part in helping rid your hangover. 

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps with the immune system and detoxification of the liver. The more abundant this enzyme, the better off you will be with controlling your hangover. Magnesium is a powerful chemical element that helps with numerous chemical reactions in your body, such as muscular and neural functions. Foods rich in Glutathione and magnesium are one of the top-tier keys to battling a hangover.


Here’s a list of foods that are high in both glutathione and magnesium. 

  1. Eggs, ideally an omelet.
  2. Avocado.
  3. Spinach 
  4. Fatty food, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, Italian beefs etc. 

So if you went overboard the night before and you feel like a corpse from The Walking Dead, emphasize on one of these foods the next day. One last thing. Just remember, whatever you do don’t ever drink and drive. If you’re a person who likes to consume alcohol on a consistent basis, there’s no reason why the Uber app shouldn’t be on your phone.

Till next time. 

Stay hungry! Don Zorbas

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