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When It Comes To Gyms, Go Group

There are many laws to human nature. And one of these underpinnings is striving to be the best version of you.

Personal Development

Let’s unpack and process this together. Being competitive is actually not a bad thing. In fact, it can benefit you by pushing yourself and mustering up better habits, that will eventually lead to an omnipotent display you. After all, the last thing we want is regrets while we’re lying on our deathbed looking back.

We know through trials and data that we tend to push harder when we’re among our peers compared to going solo. This is especially seen when having a workout buddy.

Individual or Group?

And what better way can you attain this then in a gym that harbors group classes. Believe me, if you’re the type that likes to go Lonewolf, then, by all means, keep doing it; the last thing I’m going to do is sit here and besmirch people that work out alone.

In fact, I’m marveled by those the type of people that can keep at it for so long. However, if you tried solo and didn’t see results and you lack motivation, and you’re looking for accountability, then it’s time to go group.

Group fitness is starting to become the norm. As a matter of fact, it has exploded in the last few years. A recent study from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine found that people who took regular workout classes reported less stress and higher quality of life than those who work out solo. But rule #1 never compare yourself to others.

You never want to compare yourself to others. Why? For starters, it can lead to a train wreck by derailing your goals. It can stagnate your consistency and potentially make you never want to return to the gym when you see others making faster progress than you. To denote this in brevity, people are simply dealt with different cards, which means different genes, which equals different goals and setbacks.

Some people could do two hours of cardio all day and eat like a monk (nothing but canned tuna and water) and still struggle to lose body fat, while some could look at a gym, eat a stuffed pizza every night and have abs of steel. Although a rarity, these so called anomalies do exist. Having said that, there still will be improvements and many positives to being in a group setting while working out.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in group fitness classes.

Group Fitness Classes

  • Camaraderie. As Homo Sapiens were prone as social creatures, what better way to interact with gregarious and congenial people who are trying to achieve the same goals as you. And best of all, you battle together.
  • Motivation. For all of you introverts who wish to remain to yourselves, sometimes, when you embark on things you’re not used to, you can create all sorts of distress. But when you come across others in the same facility, this can lead to motivation and forge more positive thoughts, which leads to higher self-esteem.
  • Form. Participating in a group class will help keep you on your toes. When you’re by yourself, you have nobody watching, but when you’re in a group setting, you know the instructor has her or his x-ray vision to ensure you’re performing the exercise safely and correctly.
  • Feasible. We all know that working with a personal trainer can be very costly, but in a group setting, it’s a lot more feasible and attainable for most. When you’re able to work with a professional that will correct you on your form, motivate you and hold you accountable at a rate that is more suitable for the pocketbook, can make all the difference in the world.
  • Women-friendly. Although a lot of group facilities encourage all genders to join, there is no doubt that this venue attracts more women than men. Remember, it’s all about being comfortable in your surroundings.
  • You don’t have to think. Just show up when it comes to participating in a group fitness class. The hardest part is is putting your shoes on and showing up. The coach will facilitate the workout for you. Trying to figure out and discern which exercises to do can clutter your brain and lead to anxiety. In this case, this is one factor you do not have to worry about. Let’s not forget too much anxiety can forge negative thoughts, and negative thoughts can lead to bad habits.

If you could find a gym that is in compliance with the CDC policies such as social distancing, temperature check, and mask wearing, then I would suggest to go for it. One of the best ways to boost your immune system is by working out, and the last thing you want to do is have a defenseless immune system, especially when winter is coming.

Just remember being among others is not to compare yourself to your peers; instead the main objective is to compare yourself to you. If you become a better version of yourself from a month earlier, then you’re on the right path. It’s all about achieving incremental goals that will eventually lead to the proper habits from there a new healthy lifestyle.

Regardless of when you will start, just always remember when it comes to the gym, go group!

Stay hungry! Don Zorbas